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A complete year round training program which will make the athlete fitter, stronger and technically more competent and confident in all areas of the game


Program includes:


4 baseball skills and fitness workouts a month (small group 4 max per practise)

sessions are 1 hr long, and include:


  • complimetary gym membership to workout as per assigned program for age and skill
  • less talk and more repetitions is the theme with coaching as the movements occur
  • baseball is not just hitting and pitching its being an athlete that moves properly, quickly and excells at all areas of the game
  • hitting, arm mechanics, velocity and accuracy, speed, intelligence, glove work and foot work are the focus
  • skills such as stealing, base running, tagging runners, and base footwork will be taught and repeated
  • the program follows a specific progression so that the athlete starts next sessions prepared and confident in all areas of the game

M7 Dirt Dog Baseball Club

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monthly membership
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C$144.00every month until canceled
  • M7 Dirt Dawg Club Team 

    A prep and teaching club system that focuses on developing the complete baseball player from skills to athletics to confidence.

    Our goal is to make each player the best player they can be

    The program is 4 baseball sessions a month (1 hr session a week), plus a gym membership for directed fitness.

    Lots of practise times will be given but no more than 4 dawgs can train at 1 time. This gives us the ability to teach skills almost privately to maximize development. we would encourage you to ask for times with friends so they can ensure they train together. if not your athlete can pick from the times offered. (current times are 8/9/10/11/12 Saturday and Sunday mornings. more will be offered as needed or you can form your own group of 4 and ask for a specific time.

    The club will be split into teams for a spring training schedule where they will play real games.  

    Teams will have 10 players to ensure consistent positional work and volume of at-bats! Spring training will start outdoors as soon as the weather allows so pray for early spring

    Tournament rosters are selected from our pool of Dirt Dawgs and put in tournaments with the greatest probability of development and success for the athlete. Tournaments will be identified and you can choose if you want to play based on invite budget etc. Tournaments, and games will be an additional cost and is completely up to the parents if they want to participate, the monthly cost only covers the training and teaching.

    Coaches (Mike O'neil and Redmond Hunt) play for the Sr. capitals and are accomplished national-level baseball players, educators and trainers.  Coaching philosophy is to instill confidence in a supportive environment while total baseball players are developed.

    Welcome to dirt dawg baseball 

    Head Coach

    Mike O'Neil

    Purchase process

    You can just buy 1 month at any time. There is a 10% discount for the auto-renew option at checkout. the program starts the 1st week in September!

    No cancellation fee to cancel and you can cancel anytime 


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