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July and August Summer Dirt Dawg Development league!


We create and execute all things development and fun about baseball


  • Games 9-4 daily monday through thursday friday is for rain out make ups
  • no pitchers or catcher this development league uses pitching machines to ensure development reps,. enjoyment  and confidenvce creation
  • games are 1 hour
  • 10 players per team (if team has 6 show up well thats just more fun for the 6 as coaches fill spots)
  • gaureenteed 4 at bats per game hopefully 5 - 6
  • nonstop action
  • homerun distances of 90 feet u 8 / 120  u 10/ 160 u 12 / 200 u 14
  • walk up music all players
  • hats and t shirts provided
  • 2 games per week
  • player of the game awared every game both teams



The league is desined to get the kids more reps in a game instead of sitting down and nor having fun or participating 


It is designed to be a compliment to house leagiue or all star not to replace them. although some athletes may choose to make this there summer baseball only!


Welcome to Dirt Dawg Summer league



M7 Summer Baseball League

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